Roof Tile Salvaging

Within the process of roof restoration and repair we replace broken and chipped tiles, in most cases you must use weathered tiles and the only way to get these is to get them off a roof.  We salvage most types of cement tiles from homes before demolition or in the process of giving you a new colorbond roof.

In the case of a re- roof we will not charge you to remove the tiles and in the process you will also save money on the bins that we don’t need, only the broken tiles get thrown into the bin. In most cases you will be charged for one bin instead of up to 5 bins if we didn’t salvage them. A saving of $2,500

Salvaging tiles from a house that is scheduled for demolition is a much simpler process, we take the tiles we need and throw the rest on the ground in a pile ready for the demolition crew to remove when they remove the rest of the concrete and cement from the property. This a free service we offer.  If you’re a builder doing your own re roof and don’t want to remove the tiles we can come in and do it for you, pricing for this service depends on the size and location of the roof.

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