Re Roofs

DJ Heeley Roof Restoration can re - roof your home using Blue Scope Colorbond Steel. There is a time when all roofs cannot be restored or the existing roof is too steep to restore for safety reasons. There are no other options other than to remove the old tiles or iron and re- roof with colorbond.

Your roof may have a tile that can be salvaged, we salvage roof tiles to use when restoring or repairing roofs, this a service we provide for free when re - roofing your home, it also saves you money on the bins that are not needed for the tiles we salvage, in most cases at least a $2,500 saving is expected. We can also replace battens and install insulation that rolls out over the beams and the iron is placed on top of this, this stops the temperature from getting into your roof space unlike the standard insulation batts that sit on the ceiling.

We also offer the option to replace gutters and downpipes click here



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