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Nuriootpa Roof Restoration, Roof Painting & Roof Repairs

Nuriootpa Roof Restoration

[lead]Customers often want a professional looking roof restoration service that is done professionally and that will last the test of time. DJ Heeley Roof Restoration are here to do this for you. With over 15 years of experience, David and Liam Heeley of DJ Heeley Roof Restoration understand that a high level of experience is required when it comes to restoring your roof.[/lead]

With this is mind David and Liam are have both completed apprenticeships in painting and decorating where they learnt the necessary steps for the correct preparation of any surface prior to the painting. This is a key step in the roof restoration process as the surface must be clean for the paint to stick.
DJ Heeley Roof Restoration are licensed to carry out the whole roof restoration process and are also licensed painters so you can rest assured that your roof we be done correctly the first time.

Our competitive prices are going to make you pleased as we pride ourselves on giving every customer our best quote.

DJ Heeley roof restoration will give your roof all the attention to detail it requires and in the end you will not be disappointed with what we accomplish.

We use only the best equipment for the job you can see an image of the equipment at the top of that page. DJ Heeley roof restoration are well-known for their prompt response to free no obligation quotes. We offer the flexibility to meet you at the relevant address at convenient time for you. Please feel free to contact us on 0421 982 739 or email:

Relying on premium quality products and equipment, we provide a quality of service that satisfies even the most discerning client. So if you’re looking for someone to undertake a roof restoration on your roof and need a reliable service at a great rate, please get in touch.

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